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The need for legal translation services has evolved since we are living the era of globalization where people of different cultures and countries come to deal with each other. Therefore, we need reconcile our conditions and statuses to align with the legal requirements of the places we live in. Therefore, we always find ourselves required to translate our important documents into the language of the country we are living in. For example, a European person living in an Arab country should translate all his birth, marriage, ID, driving license and other documents to get a residence visa to be a legal resident of such country.

Hence, Fimkin Legal Translation Services has been working on developing their systems to provide UAE certified translation services and solutions for all clients from any language into Arabic. Our sworn translators specialize in translating official documents for residence visa, business, personal, court and other purposes. Our translation offices spread all over the UAE can assist you with all your translation needs.

We always work around the clock to provide fast services with affordable prices and guarantee that our translations are accepted at any government entity. All you need to do is contact us on WhatsApp, email or phone to respond to your needs within minutes. Our specialized teams will ensure that you receive the best customer service ever.

Why do you need legal translation for your certificates? The use of any certificate, whether birth, marriage, divorce, death, education, usually requires it to be officially translated for applying to a residence visa, immigration, studying abroad or any other reason. With Fimkin Legal Translation Services you can fast have your birth certificate translated, certified and attested within less than 24 hours, at a special rate. The process of getting your birth certificate translated requires getting it attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of issue, then by the UAE Embassy in the same country to be attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs. After making all these required attestations, you can present your birth certificate for legal translation and receive it the same day. Below is a list of the certificates that Fimkin Legal Translation Services can translate for you within hours:

Why do you need medical report legal translation?

Legal translation of medical reports is a requirement for employers, immigration authorities, hospitals and other government bodies. Such medical certificates, reports or papers need certified translation by by a sworn translator to officially submit them as evidence of your health condition for personal, professional, treatment or humanitarian purposes.

Translation of such medical papers and documents requires a certain level of expertise and profound knowledge of the medical field as well as medical jargon and terminology to ensure using the correct word. As a result, not every professional translator is capable of translating medical papers due to the high complexity of such texts. Rather, translating such papers requires very specialized translators to ensure that the output translation fulfills its purpose.

The legal translators of Fimkin Legal Translation Services who have great experience in the medical field always are available to providing you with a legal translation of your medical reports and papers within a very short period of time at affordable prices.

The process of getting your medical papers and certificates translated requires getting it attested by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the country of issue, then by the UAE Embassy in the same country to be attested by the UAE Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Our specialized translators, some of them are doctors, are available 24/7 to provide you with highly precise translation of your medical reports and papers at affordable prices within less than 24 hours.

Below is a list of the medical papers that Fimkin Legal Translation Services can translate for you within hours:

We ensure to provide you with the best court paper translation services that suit your legal needs and budget.

– Statement of Claim Legal Translation

– Court Judgment Legal Translation

– Arbitration Document Legal Translation

– Arbitral Award Legal Translation

Why do you need contract & agreement legal translation?

Contracts & agreements are executed to regulate the relationships between two or more parties entering into any kind of arrangement for business or other professional or personal purposes. As a result, within a multi-cultural context like the UAE, drafting such contracts & agreements need to be in Arabic and then legally translate them into English for official use when dealing with entities using English as their language of communication.

However, if the contract comes from outside the UAE in a language other than Arabic, legal translation for such contract will be required for official use with any government entity or at courts for whatsoever purpose.

Alternatively, if a contract or agreement has a party who is non-Arab, the notary public will always to draft it in a bi-lingual format (Arabic and English on the same page) to ensure both parties understand their obligations and rights before signing it. Such two-sided contract agreement will go to the notary public for notarization. This process requires submitting it online using the online notary public services before approving it from him/her and asking the parties to appear before him for signature and finally notarization.

Below is a list of the contracts and agreements that Fimkin Legal Translation Services can translate for you within hours:

  • Memorandum Of Association Legal Translation
  • Addendum Legal Translation
  • Insurance Policy Legal Translation
  • Sale And Purchase Agreement Legal Translation
  • Memorandum Of Understanding Legal Translation
  • Partnership Agreement Legal Translation
  • Waiver Agreement Legal Translation
  • Settlement Agreement Legal Translation
  • Loan Agreement Legal Translation
  • Purchase Order Legal Translation
  • Local Service Agent Contract Legal Translation
  • Confidential Agreement Legal Translation

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